Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Chase

Lately I have started running. Usually a Run ( frankly it's a jog but let's stick with run, Sounds better) of 20 minutes, encompassing the periphery of the township I currently reside in. The run starts with a gentle pace but as the body starts to heat up the pace increases but for a short while. Call it a sprint. Then I finally stop to catch my breath.While running, ablution with sweat purifies my mind and calms me down. A sense of calm prevails, thoughts are erased for a while. A rapturous feeling enclaves my mind, replacing all emotions. 

                                            One day during my usual drill I just passed a car which was parked beside the road. Few moments later the car drove past me. I don't know to this date that what on this darn earth motivated me to outrun the Car. So I sprinted but failed miserably owing to my chisel cut physique (Pun intended). At-least I tried, how silly. The feeling came very natural to me and I ended up pulling a stunt that might be on the bucket list of an athlete. The car went on and I stopped to catch my breath with the melodramatic gesture of both hands on my knees with my back bent forward. Oh boy! one heck of an attempt. As the automobile went on, a group of Mongrels repeated the same act and they were far better. Bloody Mongrels - Copy Cats, hey I  just termed them as cats. 

           It was at this moment a thought came to my mind - I felt that I am a dog too. Yes I placed myself in the family of Canines.                         (Although we already belong to it but dogs are better known for it)   To explain this thought  let me first present to you a well known allegory

A Farmer had a dog who used to sit by the roadside waiting for vehicles to come around . As soon as they came, he would run down the road, barking and trying to overtake it.  One day a neighbor asked the farmer

             "Do you think your dog is ever going to catch a car?" The farmer replied " That is not what bothers me. What bothers me is what he would do if he ever caught one "

I know you knew this fable on meaningless pursuit. But if you didn't, cheer up because after wasting your not so precious time on reading this piece you learnt something.     

So what would I do, if I had passed that car. May be narrate it or lets say flaunt it ( Hilarious!! I am speaking as if some one was going to believe my stupendous act ). But where is My running, Dog chasing and Cars surpassing - leading you

              Now let me unveil this drama and put it down on the Philosophical stage. Replace me by you (that is the obvious one) , road by your life, sweat by praises and everything that gives you a temporary relaxation. Substitute running by running. Apology, I need one. I meant living. Now lets talk about Cars. Those devilish Cars, they surely are. The most feared demon looks innocent in front of these Cars. What is the so Sinister replacement of these Cars in Life?. Something insidious that attacks without being detected, something pernicious that damages you. Damage even worse than a kill , it leads you to squabble within yourself and you will doubt every step you take. This something so sinister is everyone that surrounds you - Friends, Family, Foe, Nemesis, Your wooing and coddling lover e.t.c. They sell you the idea of Peace, Happiness, Power and Coins ( I like to call it this way. In general Money). They are the agents of Life i.e. they sell you the idea of how life can be lived in the name of Ambition, Occupation, Purpose, Dreams ..... the list goes on.

                            Now you chase the ideas down, Hard work.... Accomplishment... Praises..... What the heck..... I never knew I would land up here...... I never thought it would be this ...... Frustration ..... A thousand deaths to your free being inner self. You know the story. Just connect the dots to trace down your picture on the screen you are staring at.

                What about the dog? Who is going to play it on the stage. No prizes for guessing, anyone except you and your bunch of literati, belongs to the Canine family.The reason is simple, you know that the dog does not know what to do after his chase ends in success. Similarly you know this for everyone that they would end up cribbing about their achievements. But you are just like me, when you will see a car passing by. You will run, not even knowing why? But you will run. You are just not that smart, aren't you?

So the next time you see a Mongrel chasing a car, picture yourself. Laugh at the picture, not at the dog.

             " We all are Dogs and all We need are Cars to chase"

Some may say we may be dogs but all we need are bitches not cars. I would say, Brethren the first Car you chased, ain't a bitch chased it too. You chased the car because she was chasing it. In other words chasing the idea of life that she was chasing. ---------- First Love                      

P.S- The End was a bit too much.